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Virtual Workshop - Lithium Ion Energy Storage Systems

March 3

Lithium Ion ESS 101 – Unintended Consequences – Process failures  

Review large scale fire test and real world case studies to understand how ESS systems fail and the consequences of those failures.  Understanding Thermal Runaway, Propagation and gas production.    Look at reasonable anticipated events from fire to explosion.   Review of what to expect from UL 9540A fire testing.  A look at the McMicken event and consequences. 

March 10

Lithium Ion ESS 201 – Mitigation Methods and Options for Safety systems

Taking the lessons learned and testing information from the unintended consequences to apply practical solutions to mitigate the failure modes of ESS.  What we can do to protect lives and safety for operators and first responders.  A silver bullet does not exist but using a phase approach we can limit the path ways to further failure. 

March 17

Lithium Ion ESS 301 – Code requirements  - Then, Now and in the Future

The code are still under development as we learn more about batteries.  Technology tends to progress faster than the codes can keep up. We will discuss early codes.  What is currently expected from NFPA 855 and the IFC.  Take a look at upcoming changes to NFPA 855 and the recommendation from the McMicken reports.  Provide recommendations on what the client should expect from the Battery manufacture, integrator, fire system and appropriate engineering studies.   



Wednesday, 17 March 2021

All times in Mountain Time
10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
3/17/2021 10:00 AM

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