Education Mission

Programs Designed by Members to Address Member Needs

RMEL’s education program is designed to meet the needs of its members by expanding the knowledge base at every level within companies. From high-level conferences and executive forums to workshops that reinforce and build upon skills and operational practices, the membership drives the content of RMEL products and services.

As technology, public policy and consumer satisfaction drive changes to your job faster than ever before, RMEL helps you stay prepared with daily access to information that impacts your organization.

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Now Activating: Your RMEL

RMEL is enhancing your association experience to give you easier access to the content and community you need for professional development. You’re busy at your job – you won’t be busy figuring out which RMEL information relates to you.

RMEL’s growth now can support educational sections. Each section offers roundtables, annual events, events for emerging trends, and courses to bring to your location. By categorizing programming, resources and benefits according to these sections, it becomes easier for you to find relevant information and events. Additional benefits for each section are planned for the coming months.

Identify Your RMEL Section

Identify your interests by updating your profile. You can select the section(s) you wish to participate in, along with identifying your specific area of expertise and responsibility.



Content Related to Your Interests is Easy to Find

RMEL sections make your experience finding tangible value with the association easier than ever before. In some ways, you’ve probably identified with an RMEL section without even trying. RMEL sections include:

Core Events

Reoccurring Events Let You Plan Ahead
Core events in each section reoccur at the same time every year so you can plan ahead. At least one signature event has been established for each section, and section participants can quickly and easily identify with their events. Topics at core events evolve to stay relevant and ahead of electric energy industry trends. Visit your section microsite for a current list of core events.


Events Dedicated to Critical Issues of the Day
From year to year, RMEL will offer new events in each section to cover the latest technologies, evolving trends and critical issues that aren’t covered at core events. These events will zero in on your top priorities at any given time and may not repeat from year to year. Electives can take the form of an RMEL conference, workshop or roundtable. Visit your section microsite for a current list of electives.

Course Catalog

Bring RMEL Courses to You

Bring an RMEL workshop to your location or region. Refer to the course catalog for your section to choose a course from a listing of successful RMEL events, which will be taught by an instructor RMEL has worked with in the past. These are not scheduled events, and are specifically designed to custom-fit your needs and timetable. Contact RMEL to bring a course to your area.


Discuss Your Priorities and Drive RMEL Content

These forums allow you to meet in a setting that focuses on trust and peer-to-peer sharing. RMEL roundtables serve as a catalyst for future program development. By increasing your participation in discussion forums and enhancing roundtables, you can maximize the potential of the RMEL community and network with RMEL contacts throughout the year—whether you’re at an RMEL event, your desk, or in the field. Visit your section microsite to find your roundtables.