Advanced Transmission Line Design Tools for an As-Building Solution
Landon Schulze, President, ASEC, Inc. 
Gokul Narayanan, Program Manager, ASEC, Inc. 

The need to accurately model transmission and distribution infrastructure has increased over the last decade due to the issuance of various NERC Facility Ratings Alerts, the increased use of High Temperature Low Sag conductors, and the high threat of wildfires due to vegetation flashovers. Investor Owned Utilities, Coops, and Public Power Systems across the country and throughout the world are battling ever so increasingly to keep up with the demands of their customers while safeguarding the operational reliability of their transmission and distribution line assets.  To do this effectively, utilities have moved towards routinely and periodically procuring post construction survey on transmission and distribution lines to guarantee the installed conditions of the assets meet the requirements and intent of the design. ASEC has developed advanced PLS CADD modeling procedures for determining whether or not the installed conditions fall within the tolerances of construction and design parameters, and ultimately meet all minimum code and utility requirements. ASEC will present on the need for as-builts and ultimately the value they give utility shareholders.