Tuesday, May 18th, 10:30-11:15 a.m.
Moving Beyond Average Reliability Metrics

Christopher McCarthy, Senior Vice President-Sales Enablement, Brian Levite, Regulatory Affairs Director and Dave Koepp, Regional Vice President, S&C Electric Company
Reliability matters to all stakeholders. While the most used metrics for reliability have changed relatively little since the 1970s, technology and customers’ use of electricity is evolving, placing ever-growing importance on electricity distribution reliability. There is often a disconnect between the average systemwide performance metrics, such as SAIFI, SAIDI, and MAIFI, and the performance experienced by individual customers. This presentation lays out S&C’s conclusions that a broader suite of reliability metrics should be used, placing more weight on customer-centric metrics, some of which will be familiar, and some that deserve more attention. Looking to the future, as we transition toward an energy system with integration of much greater volumes of distributed generation and the electrification of transportation, distribution system stability metrics will likely become useful.