SPP Going Forward (DERs, Storage and More)
Casey Cathey, Manager, Reliability Planning & Seams
Southwest Power Pool (SPP) is at the forefront of renewable incorporation as an RTO.  With over 20GW of wind installed on a Balancing Authority load ranging from 19GW to 50GW, SPP is used to managing a vast amount of variable generation.  The industry is at an exciting and ever-changing time.  The next 20 years will be very interesting.  SPP has 25GW of solar in their queue, with another 4.5GW of utility-scale batteries, not to mention a whopping 65GW of wind desired by customers for interconnection. 

This presentation will cover a few experiences SPP has had managing wind, and then focus on what SPP considers for market policy change to embrace Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and Storage, how they will help, and challenges they bring.