Getting to Know Your Unit’s Capabilities
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Nick Miller, Principal Engineer, Colorado Springs Utilities
Chad Swope, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Burns & McDonnell
How long does it take your unit to startup?  What is your unit’s minimum load? Could it be improved? Colorado Springs Utilities and Burns & McDonnell will co-present a case study in the evaluation of unit parameters and cycling impacts for coal units, combined cycles, and oil-fired units. 

This case study will look at identifying unit parameters for various units and evaluation of improvement opportunities.
  For each of the parameters below Burns & McDonnell and Colorado Springs Utilities walk through the process of identifying where the units are at today, what they should technically be capable of, and what changes can be implemented to improve each parameter.

  • Minimum Continuous Operating Load

  • Start-up Times (Cold & Hot)

  • Ramp Rates (Min Load to Full Load)

  • Cool down times from Hot to Cold Start Conditions

  • Heat Rate

In addition, Burns & McDonnell benchmarked each of the unit parameters against similar type units across the U.S. to assist with the evaluation.