Intercooled Aeroderivative Gas Turbines: Challenges & Opportunities

Jared Kool, Operations Shift Supervisor, Arizona Public Service
APS integrated new intercooled aeroderivative gas turbines into its generation portfolio in order to replace aging assets with efficient, flexible and quick-ramping generation in a critical load pocket. This was undertaken in response to growing demand but also to supplement the growth of renewable generation (largely solar) and its effects on our load profile.

This presentation will focus on our experiences since project completion and the challenges and opportunities in operating and maintaining the new GE LMS100 units. It will also touch on the regulatory, marketing and generation perspectives since completion.

Albert Montano, El Paso Electric Company
I will provide a brief overview of EPE and our LMS100 sites. The EPE presentation will focus on our experience in Improving Insurance and Underwriter Ratings for Intercooled Gas Turbines, Intercooler Water Chemistry and Analytics improvement to reduce water cost and system degradation, Lack of spare/replacement parts for Package Components, Sand Infiltration on Generator Cooling Air Path and its effects, and Journal Bearings Jacking Oil Hose Failures.