State of the American Workplace
Faith Gaines, Consulting Director, Gallup 
“The workplace is changing.” Leaders hear this declaration or some variation of it frequently. It’s a common refrain that, in the past, has carried little weight. After all, change is a constant in the business world. The workplace certainly was changing when we released past State of the American Workplace reports. So why does it feel different now? Why does “change” feel so heavy, pervasive and notable? Because the changes that are affecting organizations today are coming fast and furious. They are overlapping and colliding in ways they haven’t before. They are historic and monumental. These changes are forcing organizations to reconsider how they manage and optimize performance in a time when the very essence of how, when and where people work and the value they place on work are shifting.

State of the American Workplace was created to help leaders cut through the clutter. The report provides analytics and advice on various aspects of the modern workforce, pinpointing the issues that matter most in attracting, retaining and engaging employees. This report is based on extensive work with organizations in a wide variety of industries and our study of more than 195,600 employees, using data collected through the Gallup Panel, Gallup Daily tracking and Gallup’s employee engagement database.

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