State of the American Workplace Report Overview:

•The Untapped Potential of Employee Engagement
•Consumers of Your Workplace
•Using Engagement as the Competitive Advantage
•The Complexity of the Future Workplace
•Re-Engineering Performance Conversations

The workplace is changing: Employee engagement is low, many companies are failing to attract and retain women in the workforce, and millennials want more than just a job to collect a paycheck — they want a purpose in their work. As emerging technologies transform the way we work, 43% of employees are working remotely, and 84% of employees are matrixed to some extent.

To maintain a competitive workforce both for your customers and employees, you must start with employee engagement. By exploring Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report during this interactive workshop, you will improve your company’s ability to respond to the changing workplace. This workshop will help you answer the question, “do employees want what my workplace is selling?”

Who Should Attend the State of the American Workplace Presentation:

This interactive workshop is for executives, leaders of human resource functions, learning and development leaders, managers and team leaders, and organizational coaches.

What You Can Expect from the Presentation:

You will learn what Gallup has uncovered in this iteration of its State of the American Workplace report. Using information from this report, you will discover ways to make a difference in your human capital strategies.

During this Presentation, you will find out how to: 
•apply the advice and analytics from Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report to engage employees in your workplace 
•use the Q12 employee engagement survey as a way to improve employee and organizational performance 
•approach performance management and employee development in ways that motivate all employees 
•learn how engagement positively transforms matrixed organizations in particular 
•more effectively manage remote workers and create office spaces that maximize engagement and performance