Virtual World Asset Management – A Proven Technology for Asset Management
Tony Palizzi, Fugro
The use of Virtual World Asset Management (VWAM) presents a new paradigm for a network-wide proactive approach to asset management.  This approach results in a significant uplift in intelligence and knowledge, associated with monitoring individual assets and tree’s annually and their networks clearance and intrusions allow power operators and owners to realize considerable savings of up to 30% on traditional programs while optimizing their asset life-cycle and reducing risk.

By implementing the latest remote sensing technologies, combined with cloud computing, automation, artificial intelligence, immersive visualizations, and advanced data analytics, a 4D digital foundation is built.  This forms the core of the “single version of truth” that will be exploited across the utility enterprise, binding together disconnected datasets and supporting the digitization of utilities transition.  Also, allowing critical initiatives such as ERP, EAM, ADMS, Workforce Management solutions, GIS, etc., to become more efficient and effect and ultimately increasing reliability, increase safety, decrease risks, and decrease costs. 

This presentation will demonstrate how multiple utilities are implementing the latest in VWAM solutions and the benefits they are realizing in decrease operations costs, decrease risks, increase reliability and increase asset life and increase customers satisfaction.