Mobilization of Workforce
Laschell Crook, Evergy
With the maturity of work management software, the utility industry has been able to make full use of computerized systems to capture, manage and store asset and location specific data digitally.  This has evolved to include almost every step of the asset life cycle from conception to birth to death of the asset.  The lagging step has always been the christening of the asset and the capture of the data specific to that location by electronic means at the time of the asset installation as well as periodic checks of the asset condition.  This information is not only vital to plotting the asset on the map, but to tracking it throughout its life as to it relates to health and performance, its repair and its eventual removal.  The data analytics revolution has only heightened the need for as much reliability related data to be captured as is possible. Utilizing Maximo Anywhere Work Execution, ESRI GIS and MIMS has enabled Evergy to provide line crews with the tools necessary to do this electronically in near real time on all fronts. Collaboration between Distribution Operations, Standards, Design, GIS and Systems Support /IT groups have provided Field Personnel with a system that can not only capture this data in as few keystrokes as possible while maintaining a user-friendly interface but provide them with the information they need to work effectively, efficiently and safely in the field.  This is tale of a living breathing system that makes full use of continual process and software improvement to complete the asset’s cycle of life.