Electric Vehicles; Impacts to the Grid and Society 
Angela Piner, VP, HDR
The history of the modern electric car is very short, and the market for light duty EVs is still immature.  As Bloomberg noted in a January 2019 article:  “In 1900, electric cars accounted for about one-third of all vehicles on US Roads – and then almost disappeared from the landscape as gasoline-engine models took over. Decades later, technological advances and concerns about the environment spurred their gradual revival, which isn’t so gradual anymore.  By 2040 more than half of all new cars sold worldwide will be powered by only batteries, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates.” Bloomberg New Energy Finance Electric Vehicle Outlook 2018 

What is electric mobility today and what are the transitions that are occurring that will affect the energy and power industry now and in the future?  This session will provide an overview of the market, discuss market challenges, and dive into regulatory approaches. You will also learn about the benefits to the community and a strategy for the future. Recent projects will be used to illustrate some of these strategies and the work other industries and utilities are doing today.

A case study will be illustrated to share some of the benefits and potential challenges to communities and municipalities.