DERMS Overview
Jon Grooters, Sales Director- DER Integration, Advanced Control Systems (ACS)
It is safe to say that “DERMS” might be the biggest buzzword regarding utility distribution but it is also often the most misunderstood or misused term amongst utilities and vendors alike.  This overview is meant to provide some clarity to what DERMS is and why it will be essential to the distribution grid of the future.  Various industry groups like SEPA and EPRI have been working on defining DERMS and those will be discussed.  Also, IEEE created a DERMS Working Group (2030.11) in 2018 that is tasked with defining DERMS and the capabilities that customers will need with these systems.  At the conclusion of this presentation, it is the goal that the audience has a much clearer understanding of where the industry is going with the definition of DERMS and why it will be a critical asset to utilities in the near future.