2016 Safety Conference
This new, interactive program is something you’ve never seen at an RMEL event before. We are cutting to the core of how to be safe. Join us for powerful keynote speakers followed by energizing work sessions mixed in with interactive roundtable discussions. Safety professionals, linemen, plant operators and all electric energy personnel from utilities of all types and services and supplier companies will be heard as we break down barriers and drill down to the important questions:
• How can we stop fatalities and injuries now?
• Why are accidents really happening? 
• How do you balance complying with safety regulations and the distraction of paperwork while maintaining a safe work environment? 
• Do safety incentive programs really work?
• Our utility is very small – can we really implement all these safe work practices? How?
• Our utility is very large – how can we ensure every, single person at the company takes safety to heart?
• Send questions you’d like to add to info@rmel.org

You will not want to miss Safety 2.0 with RMEL. Listen. Change your perspective. Ask the questions. Get inspired. Be there.