The Directory provides a detailed network of members and contacts RMEL interacts with. Find RMEL Representatives (primary contacts) or Advocates (secondary contact) at member companies. Look up email addresses or phone numbers. Search by city, state or area of interest. Only members have access to the online directory.

The hardcopy directory is limited in space and does not contain all RMEL contacts. Search more contacts than what is in the hardcopy directory.

Hardcopy Directory

Each year RMEL publishes a printed directory that is mailed to members.  The hardcopy directory contains information about all RMEL member companies and their representatives. Provides contact information for RMEL contacts. Also contains information about RMEL such as a calendar, bylaws, awards, etc.  Directory available to members only.  Contact RMEL for a hardcopy directory.  Included in the hardcopy version:

  • RMEL member companies and their RMEL representatives
  • Information about RMEL
  • Bylaws
  • Awards Recipients
  • Calendar of RMEL events
  • Board of Directors
  • RMEL Leadership information
  • Display advertising