ESCC - Electric Utility Industry Partnership with DOE and DHS for Security & Resilience
Kevin Wailes, Chief Executive Officer, Lincoln Electric System and Co-Chair of the Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council
Electric utilities are considered one of the most critical components of infrastructure in the country for the support of our economy, health and quality of life. They also face an ever growing number of evolving threats…ranging from more frequent and severe natural weather events…to more sophisticated cyber-attacks and adversaries. Mr. Wailes will discuss what the electric utility industry is doing to address these threats and the associated unique partnership that has been forged with the Departments of Energy and Homeland Security to support this effort.
Kevin Wailes has served as the CEO of the Lincoln Electric System (LES) since July 2010. Prior to joining LES, he spent 23 years at Your Own Utilities, the municipal electric utility serving Tallahassee, Florida…the last 15 years as General Manager. Mr. Wailes also served as the Superintendent of the Lamar Utilities Board in Lamar Colorado for 6 years in the early 1980’s and holds a BSEE from Colorado State University. Among many utility-related positions, he has served on the Boards and as President/Chairman of the Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities, the Florida Electric Power Coordinating Group, the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council, the Southern/Florida Reliability Agreement Executive Council, and the Florida Municipal Electric Association. Mr. Wailes currently serves as a member and co-chair of the Electricity Sub-Sector Coordinating Council and on the Boards of Directors of the American Public Power Association, Nebraska Power Association, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County.

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